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Voice Lessons

Based in Montreal, Megan Chartrand is also teaches voice lessons. A solid foundation in breathing, production and vocal coordination are invaluable to developing a healthy and flexible approach to any style of singing. Elle est également capable et heureuse d’enseigner en français.


With a master of music in vocal performance from Yale University and a passion for teaching, she is well equipped to help singers of all ages and abilities hone their instrument and artistry through one-on-one coaching. 


Please contact at for more information or to set up a lesson.


Megan is a great teacher! One part of lessons that was particularly helpful for me was when we worked on opening up my sound. I had a tendency to produce sound that didn't project forward, and working with Megan helped me develop practices to keep my voice forward and open.

- Alison L.

Working with Megan was a wonderful experience! She was kind and patient, and really took the time to get to know my voice and what I specifically needed to improve. Megan gave clear and precise feedback, and was always ready with suggestions for new repertoire or a technique to improve. I highly recommend her as a voice teacher!

- Angharad R.

Megan is a wonderful voice teacher. She is very knowledgeable and is great at pinpointing what techniques need work. She suggests great repertoire, and above all she is super nice! I highly recommend her.


- Ellie K.

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